Our Thompson Brothers Runabout Part 8 – Across the Finish Line

The goal all along was to have this vessel finished and in the water by August 23rd for the Toledo Antique Boat Show in downtown Toledo, Ohio.

We made it!  But not without some sweating in the final hours.

The boat was essentiallyfinished the Friday one week before the show.  However, we had some minor issues with the rebuild Johnson dual-line pressure tanks and ended up being towed in from a test run on Sunday August 17th, 2008.  I took the motor to the local marina and it was suggested to put a fuel pump on the motor and use the modern tanks.  No problem..  I told the marina owner I needed the tanks by Wednesday the 20th due to the show.

An issue getting parts caused me to get the motor back on Friday the 22nd, the final test run was done that evening, and the motor was great.

Despite being a “photo finish”, we actually trailered the boat into the show at 7:30 am on Saturday the 23rd, and stayed until the end of the show at 4pm.  It was hot and humid, but our boat brought many smiles out and stories from others about their family Thompsons.  The response was very overwhelming after working so hard for two months to make ready for the show.


Here she is at the show as a finished project.  Enjoy!

The "Fibber Mc Gee" in side profile on august 23rd, 2008.  The unveiling at the Toledo Antique Boat Show.

The "Fibber Mc Gee" unveiled at the Toledo Antique Boat show on august 23rd, 2008.


"Fibber" sitting under the tree at International Park in Toledo, Ohio

"Fibber" under a tree at Toledo's International Park.



"The End"

"The End"


1 Response to “Our Thompson Brothers Runabout Part 8 – Across the Finish Line”

  1. 1 PhantomMidge
    August 29, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    You busted your ass finishing the boat and I am proud of you! It looks fabulous!

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