Feather Craft Vagabond Part Two: From the Boathouse to the Doghouse Part Duex!!

The night before leaving for vacation the Gods exacted a toll on my wife’s behalf for my indiscretion of this “little purchase”.

I decided to drive up to Michigan and pick up this vessel and get it home so restoration can begin as spring approaches.  I got to the sellers home, and he was readying the vessel for its 8 mile trip south.  Upon hooking up the trailer hitch, I found the trailer plug had been replace, and did not match my current wiring.

With some effort I was able to modify the plug in hopes of getting the brake lights to operate, but upon plugging the cables together…no dice!  No lights either.

Oh well says I.

Off to Toledo.

Two miles into the trek the voltage gage on  the truck begins to drop off drastically.  Fearing the trailer lighting was shorted to ground somehow, I pulled into a filling station and unplugged the harness.

No good.

I began to trek south and the damage was done!  The meter continued to drop radically.  Unlike my outboards with magneto ignition systems, the truck requires a battery to run it.  finally as the truck sputtered to an untimely end, we rolled into a church parking lot.

I called my wife, who immediately gave me a towing company number.  The only question was…what to do with the boat?

Upon talking to the driver via cell phone, and explaining my situation, he convinced a friend into coming along behind him with his personal vehicle and towed the boat to our house. 

The first expense for our new vessel was a 125 dollar tow bill.

My wife suggested to me as we talked while I was waiting on the tow truck…”Perhaps this is someones way of giving you time to think about what you’ve done.  Perhaps this is an OMEN!”

As she said these word, I would swear there was ominous music from an orchestra of cellos playing in the background.

We will see how the whole thing turns out this summer.



1 Response to “Feather Craft Vagabond Part Two: From the Boathouse to the Doghouse Part Duex!!”

  1. 1 Dad & mom
    March 22, 2009 at 9:51 pm


    I am sure that you will do a great job with this boat the same as the first one. You always do your best. Dad and i were touched by your “Pretty presents..Pretty Paper…Pretty bows”. column. We are glad that the DVD meant so much to you.

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