Feather Craft Vagabond Part Three: In the beginning…

As I described in a previous post, this vessel came to me from a gentleman who used it for he and his sons to share some time with one another.  The boys have grown up, and the man decided that the time was now to find a new home for this vessel, where it would be used instead of laid up in the backyard.

The man and I talked about it briefly after I saw photos at an Antique Outboard Swap Meet in Detroit.  I had not real intentions of buying it, but wanted to look at it since I’d only read about Feather Craft’s on-line.  I called the gentleman up and we set a date for a look-see.  We also talked about price.  he was willing to deal.

I drove up to his home in Michigan with cash in hand, just in case.  Well the rest is history.


The Feather Craft is a 1955 Vagabond with a divided cockpit, and it cam complete with it’s original Piper Trailer.

The boat itself is in good shape with all new seat cushions and a recently installed Taylor-Made windshield.  New marine-grade plywood flooring, though it needs a coat of paint.










Photo above is of the cockpit, complete with glovebox.                   In this photo the transom is shown to be well built.

I was impressed that the vessel had all of its original hardware still intact, including cletes, bow handle, and stern handles.


The bow light is very reminiscent of a by-gone era of class and elegance in boating.  A bit of buffing, and this little item should shine right up!

The Trailer leaves a bit to be desired.  It has been repainted at least once.  The trailer has rust, and is of the Tilt-Type which are no longer made.  It is restorable, but that will have to come at a later date.







Above is the Piper Trailer Tag.piper-trailer-tongue










The pin that holds the trailer in place is shown on the tongue of the trailer in the photo above.

New tire will have to be bought before she travels very far.  The tires on the trailer are fairly rotted.


That’s all for now.  As the project progresses…more is sure to follow.


2 Responses to “Feather Craft Vagabond Part Three: In the beginning…”

  1. 1 Michael Johnson
    July 23, 2010 at 12:57 am

    I got one exactly like it…. thought about scrapping it and using the 1984 Evinrude motor on a johnboat…

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