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Let’s Get Away from it All!: Let’s take a trip to the ocean…

I see that it has been several months since the blog has been updated.  Amazingly some folks are still sending comments, despite my laziness.  So now let’s update on what is going on. 

First boats come and go.  We still have out 1949 Thompson Lake TVT.  It will be due for new varnish on the decks and topsides at season’s end.  The interior was done at my job as part of a store display and demonstration.  The interior was stripped and sanded and varnished.  Every hole was filled and covered inside with CPES to protect the inside of the boat.  Amazing how many little holes can be drilled in a boat…that still floats! 

Aside from that, several new-old outboards were completed and hit the water.  The first of which was my 1951 Johnson QD-11.  It was quite a home for a bunch of mice over the years, but is freshly painted and operational now. 

Initially one coil was found to be bad, but upon replacement...this old Sea Horse runs good and strong!


Also a cute lite OMC/Gale-built Goodyear Sea-Bee got a mechanical and cosmetic facelift. 

The Goodyear Sea-Bee before...and after the makeover.After a makeover.


After a makeover.

I found a nice little 1954 Evinrude Fleetwin on “the list” and gave it a mechanical and cosmetic going over as well.  sorry…it’s sold. 

This nice little 1954 Fleetwin was a one or two pull start motor. A strong running little beast too!

 Out on the Thompson this spring, I was flagged down by another boater who was drifting perilously into a bit of tall grass along the river bank.   Upon turning to see what might be up, I was asked to tow in this 20+ footer to the nearest dock.  So the little old “Fibber McGee” was pressed into tow service with my trusty 1956 Johnson RJE-18 on the transom. 

The old Johnson saved the day for this fellow. He was slightly disgusted when I began touting the virtues and reliability of my old Johnson...outboard.

The deal of the year had to be this 1954 Johnson RDE-16.  Yup…RDE.  The “E” stands for electric starting.  This motor was complete with rear hatch, cowls, knobs, and pressure tank…and of course the original 6 volt Auto Lite starter that is as big as a can of Dinty Moore Soup!! 

1954 Johnson RD-16. Slightly worn, but worth some effort to restore her.

After a facelift and mechanical tune-up, she was ready to tested out.





We took this motor out on our Thompson at the AOMCI Lake Webster, IN meet.  When I cranked her over…everything on shore seemed to stop…with all eyes on us.  The thing sounds like an old P-51 fighter firing up!! 



 She is a gas-hog, but runs well!  Love the big radio dials on the front panel!! 

Aside from that I have somehow been thrown into the repair business for “Grandpa’s old outboard”.  But one motor I repaired was for a fellow who restored his beautiful 1959 Lyman, which had what I think is the orignal motor.  The motor was a 1958 Johnson Super Sea-Horse.  When the head was pulled, this motor still had cross-hatch from being honed at the factory.  Nary a scratch on either cylinder. 


The Alumacraft restoration is back into full swing.  She’s licensed and titled, and been in the water once this season.  But much work is needed still.  More on that in another blog. 

Take care!